Stockbridge Green Architects

Zero Carbon Emission

Applied Technologies


Change is afoot. Our work involves attempting to identify a new, smarter way to build; to meet the new, post Global Warming paradigm – That the planet system is finite and must be respected everywhere in everything we do, or we will eventually cause its collapse. This new paradigm directs us to 1) stop all burning of carbon based materials, natural or man-made, 2) use fewer resources more efficiently and 3) stop designing and producing waste that cannot be absorbed effectively. When applied to construction, this must be accomplished with familiar materials assembled by the current workforce using techniques that they are familiar within normal ranges of price. I believe that this is possible if we rely on the properties of static construction materials first, adding mechanical force and digital controls as last resort.


Lot Preparation


  • Effective zero impervious surface – Impervious surface is for supplemental rainwater harvest only.
  • Minimize disruption of natural systems adjacent to building – limited excavation for footings and geo-thermal piping, combined. Living space does not directly contact earth.
  • Minimize lot clearing; minimal disruption to natural landscape around and under residence

 Order of construction - shell completed 100%, then interiors


 Intentionally designed for air-tightness

  • Eliminate extraneous work in shell



  • Isolate enclosure from the ground – incompatible


  • Post & Beam steel frame w/ wood trusses & curtain wall. Light weight construction
  • Simplified framing, 24” OC throughout shell, uninterrupted

Doors &


  • Simplify window installation – Triple or quad glazing. Flush mounted creates “smooth” interior & exterior, Eliminates complicated trim details, simplifies water & moisture control.
  • Reduce air resistance on outside of structure

Plumbing Rough-ins

  • Grey water system
  • Rain water harvesting for irrigation.
  • Garden irrigation system

Mechanical Rough-ins

  • Ground source heat pump, geo-thermal

Electrical Rough-ins

  • 12 volt solar PV system
  • AC Electrical for “heavy” equipment – power tools


  • Permanent light-weight exterior siding, finishes and roof


  • Single ply membrane roofing; Green Roof, actual roof garden, including Full Kitchen garden and wild flower “meadow”.
  • Metal Roofing - Rain water harvesting.


  • Super-insulation; dramatically increased volume of insulation.
  • Un-vented roof cavity in direct contact with Green Roof
  • Insulated interior shutters to control larger than normal glass areas


Decks & Porches


Interior Framing



Architectural wood work; Cabinets & Tops, shelving, Built-ins.


  • Permanently accessible interior utilities; PM & E


  • Permanently accessible interior utilities; PM & E
  • Improve air circulation within; continuous perimeter supply (spatially)
  • Internal and fresh air mixing constantly (Continuous low velocity blower operation)
  • Vertical plant wall to help clean interior air


  • Permanently accessible interior utilities; PM & E
  • Interior “daylight” artificial lighting system that mimics natural light
  • 90% manual light switching eliminated replaced by limited light sensors.




Personal Transportation

  • Electric car powered by PV



  • Kitchen Garden
  • Aquaponics
  • Plus 10’ @ building perimeter. 

Energy Plant 

  • Solar Array
  • Tracking solar; PV hot water, combined.
  • Battery Storage