Stockbridge Green Architects

Zero Carbon Emission

The Crowd-Sourced Project


We are preparing to launch a crowd-source effort to fund the construction and monitoring of Meadow House, a prototype residence. While this house addresses many issues of sustainability and will exceed modern standards of comfort and health, it is a vehicle that will allow the possessor to take responsibility for and absolutely eliminate their personal carbon footprint. 


This prototype will demonstrate an innovative approach to home building and will include a solar power plant that will generate 130 percent of the energy required by occupancy. This will create zero carbon emissions and enough excess energy to provide for personal transportation (EV power) and compensate for embodied energy in the construction phase and embodied energy in the purchasing habits of the occupants, ongoing.

Why crowd sourcing? I am reaching out to others because this is one solution to a complicated problem. I believe there are many people who would like to participate. Millions will be negatively impacted by the destabilizing climate and so it is appropriate that people be offered the opportunity to participate in the effort to alter our current trajectory.


Buildings in the United States are responsible for 38 percent of human caused green house gas emissions. It is necessary that we dramatically increase the energy efficiency of buildings. This project represents a 90 percent reduction in building related (heat, cool, light, clean air & proper humidity) energy load and a 25 % reduction in occupant plug loads, all by efficiency. New construction represents the low hanging fruit.

This project will include the purchase of a building site, limited final engineering, the building, site improvements & monitoring equipment.

It will be occupied for 2 years as a residence during the monitoring phase. As a working prototype, issues that arise will lead to appropriate modifications. The public will be invited in to experience the work. Our goal is to learn from the project and move to create other successful works from the knowledge gained. We expect to build the Meadow House in the Washington DC metropolitan area.