Stockbridge Green Architects

Zero Carbon Emission

Lake House



Guiding Principles;

This residence will heat, cool, light, condition & water itself without additional resources.

It is space efficient, "Not so big" with the emphasis shifted to quality from quantity.

Water collection & electrical generation on-site, geothermal employed for heating & cooling, solar hot water,

Landscape; clearing limited to building footprint plus 10'. enhance natural beauty,

Durable, beautiful, & designed to exploit the unique features of the site,

Adaptability in terms of technology systems,

Overall improvement to the environment, "Good' replaces "less bad",

Built-in features.


Architectural Images; plans, sections, description, see below

1st Floor Areas

1.  Living Room, 2.  Dining, 3.  Kitchen, 4.  Den, 5.  Bedroom Suite, 6.  Bedroom Suite, 7.  Covered Porch, 8.  Deck, 9.  Yard     

Description Narrative

House plans are typically judged quickly based on curb appeal and layout. This house, however, offers so much more. It has been engineered from top to bottom to meet the goals of SGA, to heat, cool, light, condition & water itself (without additional resources) using clean renewable energy. This is something entirely different.

This 2026 square foot, single-family home is designed for a small, gently sloping, lake front lot on a residential street. Its geometry is based on 6 - 16'x16' squares assembled to afford all spaces lake views while the broad street elevation provides for privacy. It features an open floor plan with 2 master suites and a sleeping loft. Several outdoor "Spaces" round out the design; A covered porch (7) opens the house to the street, a deck (8) on the lake side is adjacent to dining, the yard (9) offers landscape areas easily accessed from kitchen and living while the roof deck (12) provides a private veranda overlooking the lake and surrounding area. A partial basement (not shown) is included for utility, a cistern and storage.

There are options to be considered which impact the final product in minor ways.  Some of these effect the appearance of the unit, while other impacts are concealed within the construction. These options will be outlined in detail below. However, no project will be constructed that does not meet the sustainability requirements of Stockbridge Green.

This project has 3 parts; 1) the roof which is part green, part water collector and holds a Photovoltaic array. 2) the enclosure and 3) the foundation which consists of pre-caste concrete piers and a small basement.

This unit presents a building footprint of 2026 square feet on 2 floors (48'x 52'), a volume of approximately 16,500 cubic feet of conditioned space (net).
 A roof-top garden terrace includes 170 square feet of patio and 1,300 square feet of green roof planted areas.  

2nd Floor Areas

. Loft, 11. Bridge, 12. Roof Deck, 13. Green Roof