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Zero Carbon Emissions

For those of you who are concerned about your personal carbon footprint & would like to do something about it, we can help.

Our approach to creating buildings presents you with the opportunity to eliminate your direct-use carbon emissions, compensate for embodied emissions in the food, products and services you consume, and possibly power your personal transportation. This is Personal Zero Carbon Emissions. 

Our approach also offers you the opportunity to participate in the process of creation, of architecture, if you give us a chance.  The “special-ness” of these buildings should reflect in their architecture; a world of intent and meaning, engaging past and future, utility and desire, nature vs. man. We offer a memorable adventure of collaboration, and self-discovery. How this plays out is an evolving story. 

I promise this as an Architect, not a draftsman. 

The Alehat House

A recent NREL analysis indicates that 38% of human-generated greenhouse gases in the United States come from buildings. These emissions must be eliminated as part of the effort to re-acquire the stable climate in which humans have prospered and avoid catastrophic outcomes projected should we fail to act collectively.

As an individual, I am acting on this. As an architect, I am well placed to offer solutions. Individuals taking action is the basis for global change. Considered globally, success requires the pursuit of 100% elimination of these critical emissions from buildings, new and existing. This radical pursuit will contribute to positive incremental change. This type of action seems to be required by the US Constitution. Therefore, Stockbridge Green pursues only projects that will meet this goal.

The Magic Box

We pursue simplicity in construction within the complex world of Architecture, taking advantage of the interaction between physical properties of static construction assemblies that make up a building with the dynamic environment in which a building sits, ahead of mechanical and digital interventions, one can create far more efficient and durable structures that provide increased total comfort while eliminating carbon emissions without increasing cost.

Meadow House

Following are some pragmatic aspects of the work: 1) We focus on the energy component of buildings while incorporating other sustainability issues as appropriate. We will meet or exceed the Passivehaus Standard for energy use, air changes, etc; approximate 80% reduction in energy load below typical. 2) Use electricity to meet all project energy, supplied from on-site resources, solar, wind, geo-thermal. 3) Use only proven materials, methods & technologies, detailing for low maintenance. 4) Simplify building shell; maximize design for control of temperature, moisture air-flow & light, eliminating everything else, building structure, utilities, limit penetrations, increase insulation. 5) Revenue neutral improvements above standard practice, transfer cost saved in areas due to simplification or elimination of work to efficiency upgrades and power plant. 6) We recommend to oversize the power plant capacity to provide for electric car charging and to compensate for the embodied energy in the construction and ongoing consumer purchasing decisions. 7) One can choose to separate from the electric grid by introducing battery storage to be truly carbon emissions free. Projects represented on this page meet the requirements of this approach. 

Lake House

Imagine many benefits in this approach; "naturally" stable interior climate with improved air quality, consistent temperature and quiet, which support better health & increased comfort; simple yields fewer moving parts, less maintenance and repairs, fewer technology updates; no energy bills; new Architectural possibilities.

Residence with His & Her Workspaces

Imagine what this could mean for you; Think about piece of mind, taking responsibility and control of your own carbon footprint; feel secure, reinforce your independence, be a part of a solution instead of the problem; lead by treading lightly; live more of the life you desire.

Garden House

Imagine the reality of living in a home that powers your family's life with appropriate efficiency and compensates for embodied carbon emissions in your purchasing decisions using only the natural energy flows that contact your home's surface; sun, wind, geo-thermal.

If this resonates with you or you have a question, let's talk -

Residence w/ 2 In-law Suites

Ballet School w/ 4 Studios

Residence w/ In-law Suite

Row House w/ Garden

Architect's Studio

Look out (House)

Ballet School w/ Convertible Performance Space

Welcome to zero.